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Dos & Don'ts While Bursting Crackers
^ Display fireworks as per the warnings and instructions mentioned on the pack.
^ Use fireworks only outdoor.
^ Buy fireworks of authorized/reputed manufacturers only.
^ Light only one firework at a time, by one person. Others should watch from a safe distance.
^ Keep the fireworks to be used at a safer place.
^ Organize a community display of fireworks rather than individuals handling crackers.
^ Always use a long candle/'phooljhari' for igniting fire crackers and keep elbow joint straight to increase the distance between the body and the crackers.
^ Keep two buckets of water handy. In the event of fire, extinguish flame by pouring water from the buckets. Every major fire is small when it starts.

> Don't ignite fireworks while holding them.
> Don't bend over the fireworks while being ignited.
> Don't ignite fireworks in any container.
> Don't approach immediately to the misfired fireworks.
> Don't tamper with misfired fireworks.
> Don't attempt to make fireworks at home.
> Don't allow small children to handle fireworks.
> Don't throw or point fireworks at other people.
> Don't carry fireworks in the pocket.
> Don't store firecrackers near burning candles and dias.
> Don't light firecrackers in narrow by lanes; preferably use open areas and parks.
> Don't wear synthetic clothing; preferably wear thick cotton clothing.
> Don't wear loosely hanging clothes; secure all clothes properly.
> Don't apply any cream or ointment or oil on burnt area.
> Don't drive recklessly while taking a burn victim to the hospital; a delay of upto one hour is immaterial.

Thus, awareness campaigns are launched so that fatalities and injuries caused by fireworks could be brought down. All mishaps due to fireworks occur as a result of carelessness, negligence and ignorance. Simple precautions can help avoid these mishaps.


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