Sri Velavan Fireworks

Sri Velavan Fireworks



Our products are checked at every level of production as well as in the post- production phase. The tests seek to take on board every factor functionality, endurance etc-- that sums up to quality. To check the functional potential of our products our experts put them to use for a thorough inspection and only the ones meeting the criterion of the examination properly are considered suitable for the market. Our analysts constantly monitor the operation and visually inspect the product at all stages to ensure their safety.

Customer Satisfaction

Sri Velavan Fireworks strive to secure optimum customer satisfaction. Being a customer oriented organization, our top priority is to offer genuine products and services to our clients and customer. Our aim to deliver optimum quality service to our clients has been achieved with the help of a well organized infrastructure coupled with dedicated man power. Thus, we strive to build long term cordial relations with our clients by our reliable & ethical business values.